The Veggie Fair 2007 a great success

The Veggie Fair 2007 in Sweden turned out to be a great success, 1700 (instead of the estimated 600) people came to take part in the abundance of food, cakes, talks, film-viewings and information on animal rights.

The fair was a taste of what the future holds for everyone interested in a cruelty-free lifestyle. The film- and lecture rooms were packed with people. . . actually the whole fair was packed! This was the first ever Veggie fair organised by the grassroot animal rights group Djurrattsalliansen.

There were people from all ages, from children to pensioners, enjoying the variety of fun, food and information available. After reviewing the feed-back forms it appears that the Veggie Fair has inspired a great number of people to become vegetarian or vegan.

The overall positive response from visitors proves that animal rights and veggie food is the way forward! For every activist that struggles in their daily life to raise awareness of the suffering of animals this event should act as a reminder and inspiration that you are not alone!  We are many that fight for a change in the attitude towards animals.

Djurrättsalliansen wants to give a great big thanks to everyone who contributed, in different ways, to make this such a fantastic event.

For the next fair we will aim even higher; a bigger venue, more stands, more visitors. . . until then we'll be out on the streets to show the world that animals are individuals, not products, and that vegan food is so much tastier and kinder than a diet based on pain and suffering.

Please share with us any suggestions and tips you have for the next fair. Do you know of any organisations, individuals, companies or restaurants we have missed? Please contact us on [email protected].


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